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What we’ve done with our world, from ingenuity to devastation – in two kinetic minutes

A dizzying trip over a wide scope of humanity’s footprint on Earth, Toposcape spins across the globe, traversing New York’s dense urban development, Denmark’s community-focused housing, Namibia’s biodiverse desert Namib, Saudi Arabia’s centre-pivot irrigation circles, and deforestation in the Amazon. Assembled from more than 4,000 Google Earth images set to the song Midnight by Caravan Palace – a hint that we, and our planet, might be running out of time – the UK-based filmmaker Adnaan Jiwa’s audiovisual piece showcases examples of environmental innovation and degradation from across the world, highlighting our collective capacity for expansion, creation and destruction.

Director: Adnaan Jiwa

Music: Caravan Palace

29 June 2017

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