Benjamin Dueholm

Pastor, Messiah Lutheran Church, Wauconda, Illinois

Benjamin Dueholm is Pastor of Worship and Education at Messiah Lutheran Church in Wauconda, Illinois. His writing has appeared in The Christian Century and The Washington Monthly, and he co-edits the theological journal Let’s Talk.

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Why pray?

Benjamin Dueholm

Leaving my own practice and beliefs out of it for a moment, it strikes me as highly implausible that something so many humans have done for so long in such an astonishing variety of circumstances could be accomplishing nothing. Purely in terms of opportunity cost, it seems that such practices must be having some kind of effect in order to survive from age to age. How those effects relate to the subjective intentions of the people praying is another matter. Now abandoning my attempt at objectivity, I’ll say for myself that the answer is sometimes yes, sometimes no. But there is a certain cumulative effect to a daily practice that can probably not be either measured adequately or discounted...

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