David Farrier

Senior Lecturer , University of Edinburgh

David Farrier is a senior lecturer in English literature at the University of Edinburgh, where he also leads an Environmental Humanities research network. He is currently working on a book about the ways we are imprinting traces of ourselves on the deep future.

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Deep time’s uncanny future is full of ghostly human traces

David Farrier

Thanks everyone for your comments - quite a range of opinions! It really puts me in mind of the observation about the difficulty of thinking about climate change being the problem of ‘thinking everything at once.’

Whether or not we agree on the application of the Anthropocene to describe what’s happening to the planet - and I share some of the concerns about how the term flattens out the way environmental disturbances are created and experienced - we can’t deny those planetary changes are happened, and rapidly.

For me, the Anthropocene is most valuable as a spur to the imagination. It gives us at least the beginnings of a vocabulary to think about the scale of the challenge....

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