Ken KacLeod

Ken MacLeod is a science fiction writer. His latest novel, Intrusion, was shortlisted for the 2013 Arthur C Clarke Award.

Written by Ken KacLeod

Colin Wilson in 1956. Photo by Mark Kauffman//Time Life Pictures/Getty

Childhood and adolescence
Strange life

He skated over knowledge, it’s true, but Colin Wilson exhilarated a generation with the bold possibilities of life

Ken MacLeod

A Chinese woodcut, titled ‘Manufacturing Might’. Photo by Buyenlarge/Getty Images

Political philosophy
The ends of humanity

Socialism is dead, and the transhuman future looms. Is there any way to recover a sense of global purpose?

Ken MacLeod

Jack Butler Yeats The Two Travellers © Estate of Jack B Yeats. All rights reserved, DACS 2012.

Consciousness and altered states
Like someone is there

Ineffable encounters and moments of ego-transcendence can be quite matter-of-fact. What’s really going on?

Ken MacLeod