Silvia Camporesi
Associate Professor in Bioethics & Society, King’s College London

Silvia Camporesi is an associate professor in bioethics and society at King’s College London, where she is also director of the master’s programme. She is interested in everything related to emerging biotechnologies, genetics, ethics, gender and sport.

Written by Silvia Camporesi

‘Take if you need, give if you can’: a local response to the COVID-19 outbreak in Naples, Italy, 30 March 2020. Photo by Ciro De Luca/Reuters

Public health
It didn’t have to be this way

A bioethicist at the heart of the Italian coronavirus crisis asks: why won’t we talk about the trade-offs of the lockdown?

Silvia Camporesi

Caster Semenya celebrates silver medal in the women’s 800m final at the (IAAF) World Championships on 4 September 2011. Photo by Olivier Morin/AFP/Getty

Who is a sportswoman?

Elite female athletes are subjected to invasive gender tests, and hormone treatments if they fail. This is deeply unfair

Silvia Camporesi

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