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A climate activist living off-grid faces her toughest challenge yet – a new primary school

Nine-year-old Eve Tizard lives what could only be described as an idyllic childhood at her home in the intentional community of Tinkers Bubble in the English county of Somerset. Work and play intermingle in her days, which are spent helping out on the community’s farm and exploring nature alongside Verity, her sister and best friend. Eve is also passionate about her beliefs, giving public speeches as a member of the environmental activism group Young Extinction Rebellion. But as the transition to a new primary school approaches, her parents Nick and Kirsty Tizard worry that their off-grid lifestyle might invite bullying from Eve’s classmates and dim her effervescent spirit. In their short documentary, the UK directors Joya Berrow and Lucy Jane chronicle Eve’s transition to the new school. With playful touches including a loose handheld style, Berrow and Jane mirror their subject’s playful spark, even as they touch on such weighty issues as bullying and the climate crisis.

Directors: Joya Berrow, Lucy Jane

Producer: Orban Wallace

Websites: Galivant Film, The Right to Roam

24 June 2021

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