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Can biofeedback help to unlock the mysteries of music’s therapeutic effects?

The US musician and research scientist Grace Leslie works at the frontiers of biotechnology and experimental music. From her Brain Music Lab at the Georgia Tech Center for Music Technology, Leslie and her students probe the physiological effects of sounds and rhythms, including how biofeedback could potentially be used to create new sonic therapies. Leslie’s lab work is inseparable from her unique original music, in which she synchronises instrumental performances with her own biorhythms and, in doing so, prompts her audience to synchronise with her. The result, she’s been told, are sounds akin to ‘a warm bathtub’. To hear more of Leslie’s work, watch the Aeon Video original Neurosymphony, which pairs an excerpt from her album Chapel (2018) with high-resolution MRI scans of a human brain.

Video by Science Friday

Director: Jason Drakeford

Producer: Luke Groskin

25 June 2020

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