Spring-making robots

8 minutes

Dance dance automation: music from the factory floor

Melding footage of analogue mechanisation with electronic music created from the actual sounds of small factories across Japan, this transfixing short features robotic arms cooperating to bend, twist and cut small coils into an amazing array of springs with mesmerising precision. The result is 五光発條 × Sountrive「GOKO BANE」– a music video to a hypnotic dance track. 

Via Kottke



Flashing together: when fireflies meet LEDs, the result is a beautiful lightshow

2 minutes


You messed up. You’re in trouble. But don’t worry, logical positivism can help

6 minutes

Video/Internet & Communication

A classic film on communication finds renewed meaning in the age of memes and emojis

22 minutes

Video/Computing & Artificial Intelligence

Machine learning is important, but some AIs just want to have fun

57 minutes

Essay/Technology & the Self

Natural, shmatural

Mother Nature might be lovely, but moral she is not. She doesn’t love us or want what’s best for us

Molly Hodgdon

Idea/Computing & Artificial Intelligence

Quantum cryptography is unbreakable. So is human ingenuity

Joshua Holden

Video/Space Exploration

A tour of Mars assembled from NASA images reveals a wondrous but uninviting planet

5 minutes

Essay/Computing & Artificial Intelligence

Raising good robots

We already have a way to teach morals to alien intelligences: it's called parenting. Can we apply the same methods to robots?

Regina Rini

Idea/Computing & Artificial Intelligence

The body is the missing link for truly intelligent machines

Ben Medlock