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Dive into a boundless cityscape with an immersive artwork inspired by the infinite

A collaboration between the London-based electronic musician Max Cooper and the visual artist Kevin McGloughlin in Ireland, Repetition invites viewers to take a mind-bending dive into an audiovisual world of infinite regress. Extrapolating from everyday images, McGloughlin constructs roads and traffic lights that intertwine endlessly, and escalators and elevators that traverse high-rise buildings with no top floor. These mesmerising visuals are accentuated by the ceaseless, steady pulse of Cooper’s ambient score. Intermittent land- and oceanscape imagery seems to draw out parallels between patterns in human engineering and nature, as well as tensions between human expansion and the natural world. But, ultimately, what Repetition offers viewers most forcefully isn’t social commentary, but an immersive experience that’s somehow at once meditative, disorienting and thrilling – and best viewed at full screen.

Director: Kevin McGloughlin

Composer: Max Cooper

10 December 2020

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