First lesson

5 minutes

From crawling to flying, the agony and ecstasy of trying to learn something new

An eloquent reminder that expertise is earned, this observational documentary from the US filmmakers Nick Paley and Dawn Kim explores the thrills and frustrations of taking on a new challenge – from swimming, to archery, to flying a plane – at any age.

Director: Nick Paley, Dawn Kim

Editor: Saela Davis

Sound Design & Mix: Chris Foster

Music: Benoît Pioulard


Peek into the chemical nursery where metal crystals are born and bred

3 minutes


If soldiers act with unjust aggression they are as culpable as civilian criminals

6 minutes

Video/Space Exploration

Could we make a home on Mars? It would be a very unique psychological situation

3 minutes

Video/Love & Friendship

Fighting the tide: a Louisiana bayou couple’s 70 bittersweet years of marriage

13 minutes


Final decision? Why the brain keeps on changing its mind

Stephen Fleming

Essay/Mental Health

The lizard inside

Like a reptile lodged within me, paranoia hatches unbelievable conspiracies that my mind embraces with stunning naivety

Roberta Payne

Idea/Sleep & Dreams

How the 24-hour society is stealing time from the night

Leon Kreitzman

Video/Social Psychology

‘The order could come at any moment’: two kamikaze pilots tell their story

8 minutes



Look into my eyes: the fantastical history, mysterious healing power and emergent neuroscience of hypnosis

Erik Vance