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Path of freedom

10 minutes

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In the harsh environment of a Rhode Island men’s prison, fifty inmates are transforming their lives through the practice of mindfulness meditation. The program is the work of former inmate Fleet Maull, who visits with convicted felons to share his strategies for surviving on the inside. This film offers a rare glimpse into the inner lives of men who are reaching for peace and forgiveness, and some form of freedom behind bars.

Director: Emmanuel Vaughan-Lee

Producer: Dorothée Royal-Hedinger

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Creepy masks, boozy baths and chicken chases: the mayhem of Courir de Mardi Gras

11 minutes

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Finding alien life raises huge ethical questions. Finding we’re alone does, too

Interview  •  6 minutes

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Heated rivalries and (pigeon) sex: the passionate world of Scottish doo fleein’

17 minutes

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Lessons of Demopolis

Wisdom from classical Greece: democracy and liberalism are both better off if we understand the difference between them

by Josiah Ober

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Refugees flee to Australia only to be detained in squalid and abusive conditions

15 minutes

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Law schools should nudge their students into civic-minded jobs

by Pete Davis

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How The New York Times, and the American public, managed to ignore the Holocaust

Exclusive  •  18 minutes

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Return of the mercenaries

Two centuries ago, public armies replaced private ones as the dominant tool of warfare. Now, private armies are back

by Sean McFate

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Is secular progressivism undermining US democracy?

by John Fea