I kill

9 minutes

Is a hands-on approach to animal slaughter more humane?

Warning: This video features numerous instances of animals being killed and butchered.

I Kill follows a New Zealand slaughterman named Beatle as he travels from farm to farm, killing pigs, sheep and cattle with a single gunshot to the skull, and dressing their carcasses before delivering them to butchers. Though his relaxed attitude towards the deaths of these animals might make him appear detached from the act of killing, he’s thoughtful and principled about his profession. He describes his methods as an honest, informed and humane way to avoid the stress and suffering dispensed in slaughterhouses, and as simply the best way to provide meat for human consumption.

For a very different perspective on animal slaughter, read ‘A “humanely” Killed Animal Is Still Killed – and That’s Wrong’ by Anna Charlton and Gary Francione.

Director: David White

Editor: Paul Wedel

Website: White Balance Pictures

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