3 minutes

Like birds and flowers, humans go to all kinds of trouble to stay in the light

By pairing a series of beautiful images with just a few lines of poetry, Heliotropes shows how patterns repeat themselves at different levels of nature, whether we know it or not.

Director: Michael Langan


The amazing man who produces iron using only wood, bark, fibre and clay

5 minutes

Video/Values & Beliefs

Why we need to move empathy from personal emotion to collective moral concern

5 minutes

Video/Fairness & Equality

On breasts, beauty and being a female journalist in the women’s movement

6 minutes


Gravitational waves will bring the extreme universe into view

Daniel Hoak


The classic 1977 film that put the vastness of the universe into perspective

9 minutes


Must science be testable?

String wars among physicists have highlighted just how much science needs philosophy – and not just the amateur version

Massimo Pigliucci


The struggle of women in science is written in the stars

Leila A McNeill


How airborne microbes ride clouds, hop continents and even make it rain

5 minutes

Essay/History of Science

Spot the WEIRDo

Too much research is done on Western, Educated, Industrialised, Rich and Democratic students. Can science widen its base?

Robert Colvile