3 minutes

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By pairing a series of beautiful images with just a few lines of poetry, Heliotropes shows how patterns repeat themselves at different levels of nature, whether we know it or not.

Director: Michael Langan

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New realities are imminent: how VR reframes big questions in philosophy

Interview  •  5 minutes

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From identity politics to medicine, the DNA revolution demands a new bioethics

Interview  •  6 minutes

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Does the meaning of words rest in our private minds or in our shared experience?

2 minutes

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Why science needs to break the spell of reductive materialism

by Stuart Kauffman

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Physics is all fun and games at the Bubble Circus

3 minutes

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Ghosts and tiny treasures

We are quick to condemn a hunter posing with his prey, but all too slow to cultivate a chronic passion for wild things

by Bryan Pfeiffer

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We can begin an interstellar mission today – and we should

by Philip Lubin

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A history of nothing: how zero went from nil to something

4 minutes

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A science without time

From past to present, into the future: the flow of time is central to human experience. Why isn’t it central to physics?

by Gene Tracy