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3 minutes

Header heliotropes final

By pairing a series of beautiful images with just a few lines of poetry, Heliotropes shows how patterns repeat themselves at different levels of nature, whether we know it or not.

Director: Michael Langan

Card monica grady main


Finding alien life raises huge ethical questions. Finding we’re alone does, too

Interview  •  6 minutes

Card tom chatfield interview main


If we are what we do, how can we stay human in an era of automation?

Interview  •  7 minutes

Card sized pouters important laurels


Heated rivalries and (pigeon) sex: the passionate world of Scottish doo fleein’

17 minutes

Card landsat nasa lena river delta   landsat 2000


Human evolution is more a muddy delta than a branching tree

by John Hawks

Card thermonuclear art main


Let the Sun’s invisible solar winds wash over you in ultra high-definition video

30 minutes

Card essay heic1106a


The superfluid Universe

Quantum effects are not just subatomic: they can be expressed across galaxies, and solve the puzzle of dark matter

by Sabine Hossenfelder

Card wild courtship caroles parotia main


A bird-of-paradise must become a lord of the dance to woo a discerning mate

2 minutes

Card essay 42 21801486


A tyrannosaur of one’s own

Dinosaur collecting isn't just for museums any more – film stars and sheikhs do it too. What drives a man to covet big bones?

by Laurie Gwen Shapiro

Card sized iaea imagebank 14418094348 949bdb6841 o


How microhaplotypes can solve crimes: Q & A with Kenneth Kidd

by Kate Wheeling