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Meat, mobility scooters, condoms – anything we make can be made in miniature

Artists in the miniatures world tend to focus their passion for detailing on period pieces fit for museum displays, drawing rooms or libraries. However, the British miniaturists Kath Holden and her mother Margaret Shaw of Delph Miniatures in Bradford, Yorkshire, have carved out their own small space by shrinking everyday items such as ironing boards and mobility scooters. While the miniature community’s snootier or more conventional members might look down upon such contemporary creations, the duo succeed in elevating the familiar through their exceptional craft – at the same time as managing a few snide comments about their backward-looking peers. In her charming short Life in Miniature, the UK director Ellen Evans inspects Holden’s meticulous work and personal philosophy, proving that outsized inspiration can be found in small and surprising places. The film premiered at the 2018 Sheffield Doc/Fest before screening at the 2019 Sundance Film Festival.

Director: Ellen Evans

26 April 2019

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