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Moved by my father: a hallucinatory animated meditation on the body in motion

In Orgesticulanismus, the Belgian animator Mathieu Labaye pays tribute to his late father Benoît Labaye, who had limited mobility due to multiple sclerosis before he died in 2006. What starts out quietly, with a recording of Benoît’s personal manifesto on the intersection of movement, freedom and the mind, set to photographs of his life, transforms into an explosive animated exploration of the human form. Conveying its message both through Benoît’s sage words and Mathieu’s hallucinatory imagery, the film celebrates the power of the brain to adapt, and perhaps even provide a different kind of freedom, when the body becomes limited.

Animators: Mathieu Labaye, Sébastien Godard

Website: Camera-etc

11 September 2018

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