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Nick ponders the life of the mysterious girl whose used CDs shaped his teenage years

In Nadia’s Songs, the Canadian filmmaker Nick White reflects on the music that defined him as a teenager growing up in small-town Ontario. Having bought most of his music from a secondhand shop, White discovered that many of the CDs he loved, including albums by Blur and the Beastie Boys, had previously belonged to someone named Nadia. Eventually, he began seeking out Nadia’s pre-owned music, both to find new songs and to try to piece together her story. Set to a 1990s-infused alternative rock soundtrack, White’s short documentary contemplates what these CDs, which became a vital part of his young life, might have meant to Nadia before she sold them. White tells a touching and relatable story about how the music we share shapes our identities and, while brief, the video may well double as a welcome trip down nostalgia lane for viewers of a certain age.

Via Exquisite Shorts Program

Director: Nick White

4 July 2022

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