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The joys and heartbreaks of loving a creature who ages faster than you

That humans and dogs age on vastly different timescales is a fact that most dog owners understand all too well. This unfortunate reality ripples throughout the Canadian filmmaker Sophy Romvari’s documentary In Dog Years. A spiritual sequel to her film Norman, Norman, in which she finds herself half-contemplating cloning her beloved, ageing Shih Tzu, Romvari keeps the camera at dog-level in this short as she captures 10 sunsetting stories of human-canine companionship. Brimming with humour, heart, and very good boys and girls, these vignettes give rise to a bittersweet celebration of the ephemeral joys of loving dogs as family.

Director: Sophy Romvari

Website: CBC Documentaries

24 December 2020

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