14 minutes

This is the final resting place of your cast-off clothing

When people in the West throw their clothes away, their cast-offs often go on a journey east, across the oceans, to India’s industrial interior. From the Kutch District of western India to the northern city of Panipat, garment recyclers turn into yarn the huge bales of clothes that come from people and places distinctly strange. With little exposure to Western culture other than the Discovery Channel, the garment recyclers rely on their imagination and the rumours that travel with the cast-offs to create an an intriguing perspective on the West.

Director: Meghna Gupta

Producer: Meghna Gupta, Gigi Berardi


An artist finds rich pickings in the sprawling mundanity of a Walmart store

4 minutes


If soldiers act with unjust aggression they are as culpable as civilian criminals

6 minutes

Video/Politics & Government

What happens when a country has its first true democratic election?

12 minutes

Essay/Childhood & Adolescence

The end of adolescence

In the 20th century it offered a bridge from the innocence of childhood to the responsibilities of adult life. Not any more

Paula S Fass


In a highly indebted world, austerity is a permanent state of affairs

Mark Blyth

Video/Nature & Environment

We can’t fly like birds, nor can we stop our gaze soaring skyward to dream of it

3 minutes


Guns, empires and Indians

Multilateral imperial politics triggered an indigenous arms race and led to the violent transformation of Native America

David J Silverman

Idea/Politics & Government

American exceptionalism, from Stalin with love

Ian Tyrrell

Video/Nature & Environment

Can the market save an endangered species? South Africa’s rhino horn conundrum

9 minutes