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Walk like a Roman in this digital reconstruction of the ancient city

What would it be like to take a historically accurate stroll down the streets of an ancient city? Through increasingly sophisticated virtual reality (VR) technologies, motion graphics and the committed work and research of 3D modellers, such an immersive educational experience may soon be possible. The team behind History in 3D is working to bring this concept to life through its ambitious project to ‘create the most extensive, detailed and accurate virtual 3D reconstruction of ancient Rome’. Eventually, the team hopes to allow users to explore a historically accurate rendering of the city, and perhaps beyond, via VR technology.

Today, viewers can watch excerpts from this expansive work-in-progress on the History in 3D YouTube channel. In this extract, titled Virtual Ancient Rome: Walking from the Colosseum to the Forum, we’re led on a gentle digital stroll between these two landmarks, in the 4th century CE, with views of several other notable sites along the way. While it’s but a glimpse into the larger, more ambitious endeavour, the video is a fascinating experience in its own right, and hints at the promise of historical reconstructions to come.

Video by History in 3D

10 March 2022

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