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What can 73 homes arranged by household income say about their residents?

This instalment of the People in Order series, by the UK directors Lenka Clayton and James Price, presents 73 homes arranged in descending order of household income, from £400,000 to £3,240 (or roughly US $733,945 to $5,945 at the rate of exchange in 2006). As the fascinating sequence unfolds, it becomes clear that income don’t always correlate with homes, but the real surprise is the richness of humanity – the preferences, configurations and attitudes – that this very circumscribed framing offers. According to the filmmakers, the People in Order series is ‘like a list of government statistics where the citizens … have broken out from behind the figures on the page. The people on the screen stop us from seeing them as numbers. Even in single-second bursts there are worlds of personality stretching out in front of us.’

16 August 2018

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