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Frank Furedi
Sociologist and social commentator, author, University of Kent, Canterbury England

Frank Furedi is a sociologist and social commentator. Formerly professor of sociology at the University of Kent in Canterbury, he has written numerous books, the latest of which is How Fear Works (2018). Heis currently carrying out research for a study of the history of the idea and impact of Identity Crisis,

Written by Frank Furedi

Childhood & Adolescence
Fearing fear itself

Once parents felt children needed a little fear to grow up well. Today they are desperately protective. What went wrong?

Frank Furedi

Stories & Literature
Bookish fools

The book has always been a sign of status and refinement; a declaration of self-worth – even for those who hate to read

Frank Furedi

Digital Culture
The ages of distraction

Busy, distracted, inattentive? Everybody has been since at least 1710 and here are the philosophers to prove it

Frank Furedi

Books are dangerous

Contagion, poison and trigger. The idea that books are dangerous has a long history, and holds a kernel of truth

Frank Furedi