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Sidney Perkowitz is a science writer and has been Candler Professor of Physics Emeritus at Emory University. He is the author of Hollywood Science: Movies, Science, and the End of the World (2007) and his latest books are Physics: A Very Short Introduction (2019) and Real Scientists Don’t Wear Ties (forthcoming, 2019). He lives in Atlanta.

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Crimes of the future

Sidney Perkowitz

I’m glad to see long and thoughtful discussion on here. That goes with a long article and it’s great that such pieces have their place on the web along with tweets and other brief writings.

About why I mentioned the Michael Brown shooting: correct, that had nothing to do with predictive policing per se, but it had a lot to do with mutual distrust between the police and that community, which was certainly amplified after the shooting. The ACLU and others see one of the dangers of predictive policing as increasing this kind of tension. Others think it will reduce the tension so the matter is far from settled – but it is certainly relevant to general concerns about how police and comm...

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