Will Wiles
Author, freelance

Will Wiles writes about architecture and design. His debut novel, Care of Wooden Floors (2012), won a Betty Trask award, and his second novel is The Way Inn (2014). He lives in London.

Essay/Stories & Literature
Walk the lines

Can walking the city streets still be liberating, when every path is paved with literary quotations and artistic prefiguring?

Will Wiles

Essay/Computing & Artificial Intelligence
Hunger games

A new wave of videogames offers lessons in powerlessness, scarcity and inevitable failure. What makes them so compelling?

Will Wiles

Essay/Architecture & Landscape
The concrete tangle

The urge to tidy up cities is deadening – let’s celebrate the tangled chaos and honky-tonk energy that keep them alive

Will Wiles

Essay/Digital Culture

With a flood of dark memes and viral horror stories, the internet is mapping the contours of modern fear

Will Wiles

The machine gaze

As the boundaries between digital and physical dissolve, can the New Aesthetic help us see things more clearly?

Will Wiles

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