6 minutes

Coffer traded his condo for a log cabin decades ago, and he hasn’t looked back

Twenty-five years ago, John Coffer gave up his condominium and sports car in Florida for a home-made log cabin in upstate New York. ‘Life ain’t perfect’ he says, ‘and neither is my cabin.’ But the life of a 19th-century homesteader turns out to blend with laptops, solar cells and wind generators pretty well.

Director: Ben Wu, David Usui

Producer: Lost and Found Films


Born of pain, filled with power – a teenage girl’s art that confronts in order to heal

6 minutes


Stephanie regrets passing up a great opportunity. Can modal realism help?

5 minutes


Albania built 750,000 bunkers for a war that never came. Now what?

24 minutes

Idea/Values & Beliefs

To be happier, focus on what’s within your control

Massimo Pigliucci

Video/History of Ideas

How quantum superposition could unravel the ‘grandfather paradox’

3 minutes


Has art ended again?

Ever since Hegel, artists and critics alike have been claiming that art is finished. But what could that actually mean?

Owen Hulatt

Video/Values & Beliefs

An urban cowboy rides through gang-ridden streets, preaching a gospel of redemption

7 minutes

Idea/Values & Beliefs

How ‘The Rubáiyát of Omar Khayyám’ inspired Victorian hedonists

Roman Krznaric

Essay/Sports & Games

Rules of ascent

For mountaineers, it’s not enough to get to the top – it must be done a certain way. But why is the harder way better?

Paul Sagar