6 minutes

Coffer traded his condo for a log cabin decades ago, and he hasn’t looked back

Twenty-five years ago, John Coffer gave up his condominium and sports car in Florida for a home-made log cabin in upstate New York. ‘Life ain’t perfect’ he says, ‘and neither is my cabin.’ But the life of a 19th-century homesteader turns out to blend with laptops, solar cells and wind generators pretty well.

Director: Ben Wu, David Usui

Producer: Lost and Found Films


The amazing and awful outcome of releasing over a million balloons into the sky

7 minutes

Video/Automation & Robotics

If we are what we do, how can we stay human in an era of automation?

7 minutes


How the ‘identity agnostic’ neutrino exists in three states all at once

3 minutes


Pain leads to empathy and self-preservation: should we make robots ‘feel’ it?

12 minutes

Essay/History of Ideas

The anger of Achilles

Homer’s warrior is no mere tragic human figure: fuelled by anger, he is at once a man of honour and a sword of the gods

C D C Reeve

Idea/History of Ideas

Before you can be with others, first learn to be alone

Jennifer Stitt

Essay/Philosophy of Mind

I attend, therefore I am

You are only as strong as your powers of attention, and other uncomfortable truths about the self

Carolyn Dicey Jennings


Should a rapist get Viagra or a robber get a cataracts op?

Tom Douglas

Video/Meaning & the Good Life

Late in life, Fred finds joy – and a ‘rhythm in all things’ – through tap dance

6 minutes