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It’s man vs invasive pest in the battle to save Britain’s beloved red squirrels

With a starring role in the popular children’s book The Tale of Squirrel Nutkin (1903) by the naturalist and writer Beatrix Potter, red squirrels are one of the most beloved native species in the UK. Unfortunately, they face an increasingly uncertain future. Following the 19th-century introduction of grey squirrels from the US, this invasive species has wreaked havoc on the native squirrel population with a carried virus that’s harmless to greys but kills reds within two weeks. Dotted with British wit, whimsy and charm, Nutkin’s Last Stand tracks the eclectic and idiosyncratic cast of characters on the frontlines of the UK’s battle against ‘the grey menace’. While ostensibly a film about preservation and conservation, the short documentary reveals something deeper about our personal and cultural connection to animals – particularly the adorable ones.

Director: Nicholas Berger

Website: Cat Trick Films

26 January 2018

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