12 minutes

Never judge a book by its cover. But what about people and their faces?

Who is the man on the left? Depends whom you ask. Either: ‘He looks not quite honest or something, I don’t know … There’s some sort of cunningness in him.’ Or: ‘East European, quite genuine person, probably quite likes to go out for a few pints.’

These are just a couple of the comments made when 29 strangers from London’s diverse East End gathered to watch videos of each other and make judgments based on appearance alone. What can be gleaned from a face? As everyone takes a turn as judge, what do their analyses say about their own preconceptions and worldview? An absorbing and frequently surprising social experiment, Conversation was originally presented as a two-screen art installation before screening at film festivals, including the 2007 Toronto International Film Festival and the 2007 Hot Docs Canadian International Documentary Festival.


How the ‘identity agnostic’ neutrino exists in three states all at once

3 minutes

Video/Values & Beliefs

Why we need to move empathy from personal emotion to collective moral concern

5 minutes

Video/History of Science

In 1938, a fish thought extinct for 65 million years resurfaced, nearly unchanged

7 minutes

Idea/Mental Health

Psychopaths have feelings: can they learn how to use them?

Arielle Baskin-Sommers


Magic from the mundane – paper towels flourish in the hands of a coffeeshop artist

2 minutes

Essay/Social Psychology


Prejudice remains a huge social evil but evidence for harm caused by microaggression is incoherent, unscientific and weak

Scott O Lilienfeld

Idea/Cognition & Intelligence

How we learn to read another’s mind by looking into their eyes

Tobias Grossmann

Video/Gender & Sexuality

Meet the lucky little organ that is uniquely dedicated to pleasure

3 minutes

Essay/Cognition & Intelligence

How totalism works

The brainwashing methods of isolation, engulfment and fear can lead anyone to a cult. I should know – I was in one

Alexandra Stein