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Producing food while restoring the planet – a glimpse of farming in the future

The agricultural revolution that began around 10,000 years ago marks a turning point in human history: the dawn of civilisation. Farming enabled us to build communities and expand, but it also sowed the seeds of modern inequality and wreaked havoc on the environment through the destruction of ecosystems and the extinction of wildlife. Today, farming faces the distinct challenge of feeding a growing global population while working with the environment, and not against it. Practices in countries from Costa Rica to Zambia point to new conservation-oriented approaches to farming that optimise food production; preserve biodiversity and forests; and cut down on harmful emissions. In this TED-Ed animation, colourful graphics paint a picture of what these future farms might look like, showcasing the potential for new technologies to help deliver food security while preserving – and even feeding – the ecosystem.

Video by TED-Ed

Director: Luísa M H Copetti, Hype CG

Writer: Brent Loken

28 July 2022

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