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Two brothers discuss girls, death and leaving home one aimless summer in Colorado

TJ’s teenage brother Aaron is his closest confidant and caretaker. The two are still processing the death of their father, and while TJ thinks their mother is ‘super cool’, Aaron’s relationship with her has become so fractured that he’s considering a move to Seattle from their home in Durango, Colorado. This leaves TJ at an impasse, unsure of what his life will look like if Aaron leaves. The US photographer and filmmaker Matt Sukkar’s documentary Durango follows Aaron and TJ through aimless days spent diving from cliffs, lighting fireworks and chatting about girls, as the siblings’ uncertain future lingers in the background, occasionally puncturing their conversations. Juxtaposing intimate moments with the grandeur of the Colorado scenery, Sukkar’s artful portrait captures the many complexities of brotherhood and adolescence in a splintering family.

Director: Matt Sukkar

Producers: Henry Joost, Ariel Schulman, Orlee-Rose Strauss

9 February 2021

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