Christopher Harding

Lecturer in Asian history, University of Edinburgh

Christopher Harding is a lecturer in Asian history at the University of Edinburgh, specialising in modern Indian and Japanese history. He was one of BBC Radio 3’s New Generation Thinkers, 2013-14.

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The be all and end all

Christopher Harding

Lots of thoughts going on, reading these conversations about my piece here. Let me share two of them for now:

DS, I like this talk of (a better/re- defined) ‘humanity’ perhaps doing the work that we have been asking ‘spirituality’ to do. I wonder whether concepts like ‘spirituality’ have the effect of pulling away and claiming for themselves some of the important territory of close-by words like ‘humanity’…

ZDJ, my impression is that the Scottish ideal (with the latest policy) is to bring forward conversations about death, thereby (as it were) lengthening the ‘anticipatory grief’ period that you mention. That sounds so important, to me, but I wonder whether/how they can achi...

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