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An ode to the humble rotifer – one of nature’s simplest and strangest creatures

Ever since humans first peered into the microbial world in the late-17th century, observers have been intrigued and mystified by the roughly 1,000-celled creatures known as rotifers. Scientists have learned much about these small animals over the past several hundred years, having identified some 2,000 species in the phylum Rotifera. But much about them, including their reasons for congregating in colonies and their ability to reemerge following extensive hibernation, remains mysterious. This short video from the YouTube channel Journey to the Microcosmos takes a close-up look at how these creatures live, die and dry out to enter a peculiar state somewhere in between. Brimming with captivating visuals and insights, the video provides an intriguing look into the intricate world of small-scale life unfolding just out of human sight.

Video by Journey to the Microcosmos

Producer: Matthew Gaydos

6 July 2021

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