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Flying Anne

21 minutes

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Catherine van Campen’s film follows 11-year-old Anne through the long and willful days of childhood as she reflects on her hopes and fears. Unlike most other 11-year-olds, however, Anne has Tourette’s syndrome, which manifests itself in involuntary tics and urges. The film is an affecting portrait of growing up different at an age of trying to fit in.

Director: Catherine van Campen

Producer: Joost Seelen

Card how to play like polar bears main


How do polar bears find their love match? Flirty play in the snow till they drop

4 minutes

Card monica grady main


Finding alien life raises huge ethical questions. Finding we’re alone does, too

Interview  •  6 minutes

Card erving goffmann main


If, as Shakespeare suggested, all the world’s a stage, do we have a ‘true self’?

2 minutes

Card sized sarah sphar 2267105600 a7c3c21d7b o


The mental suffering of ICU patients could easily be lessened

by Rebecca Guenard

Card ghost come closer main 7


A fly fisherman glimpses his own death in the river that gives him solace

5 minutes

Card marsa essay brain activity


The neurofix

Stem cell therapies for the scourges of old age are on the near horizon. Will they come in time for the Baby Boomers?

by Linda Marsa

Card sized phalinn ooi 8116059517 1670151b62 o


There is no place for the surgeon myth in modern medicine

by Alexis Sobel Fitts

Card your inner life main


Antibiotics make our guts less diverse. That’s bad news for our long-term health

5 minutes

Card radiation treatment


Death of cancer

A critical mass of medical knowledge could soon end the death threat of cancer, but politics stands in the way

by Elizabeth DeVita-Raeburn & Vincent DeVita