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He ate the albatross soup, then shot himself: why? A trippy animation solves the riddle

A man gets off a boat, walks into a restaurant, orders albatross soup, takes one bite, and pulls out a gun and kills himself. Why did he do it? The classic riddle (from the family of lateral thinking puzzles) gets a trippy animated adaptation in this inventive and darkly delightful short, which features 50 disembodied voices attempting to make sense of the story. After the guessers ask a question, a riddler lets them know if their questions are making any progress with a simple ‘yes’ or ‘no’, and the grim details gradually reveal themselves. With its excellently executed mix of visual whimsy and gallows humour, the Brooklyn-based filmmaker Winnie Cheung’s short is still very much worth a watch even if you already know what makes the albatross soup so deadly.

Video by Winnie Cheung

Producers: Allie Hess, Leslie Yoon, Alexandra Leigh Young

31 May 2019

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