The world in a corner

21 minutes

How the vast powers of the sea shape life on a sacred peninsula in Oaxaca, Mexico

On the southernmost shore of the Mexican state of Oaxaca lies the Punta Cometa peninsula, also known as Cerro Sagrado (Sacred Hill). Here, it is said that ‘The sea is a teacher who shows man how to live, fish and, at a set time, leave the world forever.’ In The World in a Corner, the Mexican director Mariano Rentería Garnica explores the contours and rhythms – in nature and among people – of this striking and mysterious place, both above and below the water. Following a girl who sells food to tourists on the beach and a young fisherman who dives the open waters and leads sea tours, the poetic documentary meditates on the confluence of disparate but connected worlds – poverty and wealth, the natural and the supernatural, civilisation and wilderness, and the realms above and below the sea.

Director: Mariano Rentería Garnica

Producers: Aurora Molina Pineda, Jorge Díez Maza

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