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In Silicon Valley’s shadow, a boy bids farewell to the trailer community that’s been home

In the wake of the Silicon Valley tech boom, a massive housing affordability crisis has left thousands of lower-income residents unable to pay skyrocketing rents. These conditions have led to a steep rise in homelessness and the emergence of makeshift housing in the shadows of some of the wealthiest neighbourhoods in the world. In her deftly crafted short documentary Crisanto Street, the US filmmaker Paloma Martinez explores one such streetside mobile-home community through the eyes of Geovany Cesario, a cheerful eight-year-old whom she casts as guide, interviewer, narrator and occasionally camera operator. On the eve of his family’s move from their trailer to a low-income apartment complex, Geovany takes us on a touching and bittersweet farewell tour of his world until now.

Director: Paloma Martinez

21 January 2019

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