Nature by numbers

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Nature by numbers

The elegance of mathematics meets the breathtaking complexity of the natural world

4 minutes

Director — Cristóbal Vila

Card truth about dishonesty main


Why it’s so easy to cheat without feeling dishonest

11 minutes

Card nick lane main


Chimeras and lightning: a radical perspective on the evolution of complex life

6 minutes

Card germanys energy revolution main


An immersive journey through Germany’s massive transition to renewable energy

3 minutes

Card who should have the right to die main


The intellectual history of the debate around assisted suicide

7 minutes

Card final scf10040


Made to order

Parents already put their children under intense pressure to compete in the world. Will gene editing make it worse?

by Erik Parens

Card sized feathered trex


Paradigms lost

Science is not a ‘body of knowledge’ – it’s a dynamic, ongoing reconfiguration of knowledge and must be free to change

by David P Barash

Card feynman beauty main 2


Richard Feynman on why science adds beauty in the Universe: it does not subtract

5 minutes