7 minutes

The pursuit of the perfect body is as old as time. But who defines perfection?

The Patina-V Mannequin Factory in the City of Industry, California, has created the perfect woman: she’s tall, slender, and made of plastic. In 34x25x36, the director Jesse Epstein takes us into a world where art, craftsmanship, and commerce meet, and where contemporary standards of beauty are simultaneously reflected and defined.

Director: Jesse Epstein

Producer: Trish Dalton, Jesse Epstein


War, conflict, bloodshed, upheaval or: how we got to Great Britain

7 minutes


If soldiers act with unjust aggression they are as culpable as civilian criminals

6 minutes

Video/Ecology & Environmental Sciences

Bring back the mammoth to fight global warming? It’s not as crazy as it sounds

26 minutes

Video/Gender & Sexuality

How a dairy farmer preached radical self-acceptance to his gay son in the 1950s

4 minutes


Tripping in the ICU

For those suffering the trauma of intensive care, the soothing swoosh of otherworldly ambient music can be a welcome gift

Charles Fernyhough

Idea/Cognition & Intelligence

The bilingual brain: why one size doesn’t fit all

Angela Grant


A happy life is built on pleasures such as sex and food, but also company and variety

7 minutes

Idea/Social Psychology

Dishonesty gets easier on the brain the more you do it

Neil Garrett


Living in the now

She can paint, but not name a painting; learn new music without knowing a tune. Lonni Sue is teaching us much about memory.

Michael D Lemonick