7 minutes

The pursuit of the perfect body is as old as time. But who defines perfection?

The Patina-V Mannequin Factory in the City of Industry, California, has created the perfect woman: she’s tall, slender, and made of plastic. In 34x25x36, the director Jesse Epstein takes us into a world where art, craftsmanship, and commerce meet, and where contemporary standards of beauty are simultaneously reflected and defined.

Director: Jesse Epstein

Producer: Trish Dalton, Jesse Epstein


The amazing and awful outcome of releasing over a million balloons into the sky

7 minutes

Video/History of Ideas

Music is marvellous, but not mysterious: an interview with Lydia Goehr

6 minutes


How the ‘identity agnostic’ neutrino exists in three states all at once

3 minutes

Idea/Mental Health

Psychopaths have feelings: can they learn how to use them?

Arielle Baskin-Sommers


Magic from the mundane – paper towels flourish in the hands of a coffeeshop artist

2 minutes

Essay/Social Psychology


Prejudice remains a huge social evil but evidence for harm caused by microaggression is incoherent, unscientific and weak

Scott O Lilienfeld

Idea/Cognition & Intelligence

How we learn to read another’s mind by looking into their eyes

Tobias Grossmann

Video/Gender & Sexuality

Meet the lucky little organ that is uniquely dedicated to pleasure

3 minutes

Essay/Cognition & Intelligence

How totalism works

The brainwashing methods of isolation, engulfment and fear can lead anyone to a cult. I should know – I was in one

Alexandra Stein