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Wesley wants to solve the rooftop mystery – but does he have what it takes?

There’s what looks like a rather large rocket sitting atop an otherwise innocuous apartment building in Los Angeles. Most people miss it or pass it by without giving it much thought, but Wesley Francis is determined to uncover the truth about the object. Well, he would be, if he could summon the nerve to properly investigate by working his way inside the building and, breaking a rule or two, climb the stairs to the top. The Rocket on the Roof follows him as he tries – or, at least, tries to try – to get to the bottom of what’s going on up there. Framing a lighthearted portrait of their friend around a small mystery, the US filmmakers Josh Polon and Ryan Maxey mine something surprisingly moving in his quest.

Directors: Josh Polon, Ryan Maxey, Wesley Francis

4 August 2022

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