At the Remembrance Day ceremony at Old City Hall in Toronto, 11 November 2014. Photo by Mark Blinch/Reuters

Human evolution
United by feelings

Universal emotions are the deep engine of human consciousness and the basis of our profound affinity with other animals

Stephen T Asma & Rami Gabriel

Billionaire Lui Che Woo, chairman and founder of Galaxy Entertainment Group Ltd with an assistant in Hong Kong, China, 3 March 2016. Photo by Billy H.C. Kwok/Bloomberg/Getty

Trust me with your money

It takes diplomacy, anthropology and psychology to serve the world’s super-rich. But only trust opens their purse strings

Brooke Harrington

The Hartgers View, the earliest known view of the Dutch colony of New Amsterdam, on Manhattan, as it appeared c1627. Photo by Getty Images

Global history
Guns, empires and Indians

Multilateral imperial politics triggered an indigenous arms race and led to the violent transformation of Native America

David J Silverman

Original caption: 20 Jan 1968, Da Nang, Vietnam. First Air Cavalrymen and a Vietnamese interpreter lay a towel over the face on an uncooperative Viet Cong suspect and then pour water on it. Photo by Bettmann/Corbis

Mood and emotion
The interrogator’s soul

An ordinary person becomes a torturer with surprising ease. The hard part comes when it’s time to be human again

Shane O’Mara

From the Going Home of the Yankees (American Landscape) series. Photo by Yeon J Yue

Welfare’s last stand

Long in retreat in the US, the welfare state found a haven in an unlikely place – the military, where it thrived for decades

Jennifer Mittelstadt

Aerial view of salt ponds, Walvis Bay, Namibia. Photo by Frans Lanting/National Geographic

Ecology and environmental sciences
Anthropocene fever

The Anthropocene idea has been embraced by Earth scientists and English professors alike. But how useful is it?

Jedediah Purdy