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After traumatic childhoods, two sisters dedicate their golden years to fun

Living together in sunny Santa Monica, California, in an apartment full of bright lights, colourful trinkets and candy, sisters Patte and Randa Starr are committed to having a happy childhood together – as septuagenarians. It might seem like a peculiar lifestyle choice, but once the two detail their traumatic early years, it’s easy to understand why they’ve opted for carefree lives of fun, guided by the creed: ‘Whoever wants it more, we’ll do it, and we don’t say no to each other.’ Despite the heavy topics addressed, the US filmmakers Bridey Elliott and Beth Einhorn’s portrait of the pair manages to be as charming as its subjects, matching the sisters’ irrepressible spirits with an appropriately flamboyant and eccentric visual style of its own.

Directors: Bridey Elliott, Beth Einhorn

Producer: Sarah Winshall

Website: Smudge Films

7 January 2021

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