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Meet the Liverbirds! The bittersweet tale of Liverpool’s all-female answer to the Beatles

Billed as Liverpool’s first all-female rock band, the Liverbirds formed in 1962, inspired by (who else?) the Beatles. They drew comparisons and crossed paths with the Fab Four throughout their six-year run, and would go on to play shows with such rock legends as the Rolling Stones, the Kinks and Jimi Hendrix. This entertaining and touching short documentary from the Canadian director Ben Proudfoot features the two living Liverbirds, the bassist and vocalist Mary McGlory and the drummer Sylvia Saunders, recalling how they went from music novices to playing for packed crowds across Europe. Powered by the duo’s natural storytelling skills and Proudfoot’s kinetic direction, the film captures how their career was powered by friendship, modest upbringings and a desire to prove themselves as serious musicians – before the incredible ride met a bittersweet end.

Director: Ben Proudfoot

Producers: Gabriel Berk Godoi, Abby Lynn Kang Davis

Website: Breakwater Studios

22 November 2021

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