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Letting go

Science is discovering what religion has always known: forgiveness is good for us. But that doesn’t make it any easier

by Amy Westervelt

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American secular

The founding moment of the United States brought a society newly freed from religion. What went wrong?

by Sam Haselby

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Whatever you think, you don’t necessarily know your own mind

by Keith Frankish

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A recluse creates a dreamworld in miniature to grapple with his world at large

9 minutes

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Experience the eerie serenity of 100,000 asteroids in orbit

3 minutes

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The Still Alice effect: not all Alzheimer’s is like this

by Giulia Cavaliere & James Rupert Fletcher

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The songs of the wolves

Wolves’ howls are eerie, beautiful and wild. But what are they actually saying to each other?

by Holly Root-Gutteridge

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How ‘Dr Death’ single-handedly fought for the right to die

by Michael DeCesare

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Blame lets you blow off steam, but it will rarely help you get at the truth

3 minutes

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Magic bowls of antiquity

Ancient Babylonia’s magic bowls offer a glimpse into the society of the Talmud, and today’s shadowy antiquities market

by Samuel Thrope

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A beleaguered Britain takes comfort in nostalgia for empire

by Paul Harris

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New realities are imminent: how VR reframes big questions in philosophy

Interview  •  5 minutes

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Are dreams predictions?

Dreams might not be omens or prophecies in a mystical sense, but they do have a distinct psychological predictive power

by Sue Llewellyn

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Why a well-crafted melody has the power to colonise your mind

by Patrick McNamara

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Does the meaning of words rest in our private minds or in our shared experience?

2 minutes

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What do clothes say?

Clothes can be forms of thought as articulate as a poem or equation. Why then does philosophy like to dress them down?

by Shahidha Bari

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Why science needs to break the spell of reductive materialism

by Stuart Kauffman

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See how our brains group words by meaning in surprisingly complex semantic maps

3 minutes

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The empty brain

Your brain does not process information, retrieve knowledge or store memories. In short: your brain is not a computer

by Robert Epstein

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Why decriminalising sex work is better for everyone

by Maria Laura Di Tommaso & Marina Della Giusta

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Frank Lloyd Wright on why architecture should be about ideas and ideals

6 minutes

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Cruel ships of prosperity

For more than two centuries the huge profits and profound suffering of the Manila Galleons helped create global capitalism

by David Z Morris

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Why watching people take selfies feels so awkward

by Emmanuel Ordóñez Angulo

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What it’s like to stand by your daughter in her choice to die

Exclusive  •  18 minutes

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Half-human soldiers, robot servants and eagle drones – the Greeks got there first. Could an AI learn from their stories?

by Adrienne Mayor