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Ecology and environmental sciences
The African Anthropocene

The Anthropocene feels different depending on where you are – too often, the ‘we’ of the world is white and Western

Gabrielle Hecht

Rituals and celebrations
The love of stuff

The problem with our society is not that it values material things too much but that it doesn’t value them enough

Nick Thorpe

Green shoots

Can sustainability really hope to beat consumerism? Yes, and all without a vow of poverty or a change in human nature

Jonathon Porritt

Ecology and environmental sciences
Burning like a mountain

Fire has come roaring back into America’s West after a century of attempted extirpation. Can our land take the wild heat?

Stephen J Pyne

Animals and humans
Cows might fly

When the land is all filled up, it’s time to get creative with it, as small countries like Switzerland already know

Veronique Greenwood

The environment
Whispering giants

Wind farms are good for the world but hard on the heart. A lover of wilderness reshapes her own instinct for beauty

Sara Maitland