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Video/Meaning & the Good Life

Late in life, Fred finds joy – and a ‘rhythm in all things’ – through tap dance

6 minutes

Essay/Beauty & Aesthetics

Against flow

In the myth of flow, the performer soars when the music starts. But it's grit and self-analysis until the very last bar

Barbara Gail Montero

Idea/Stories & Literature

The only line comedy shouldn’t cross is the no-laughter line

Casey Michael Henry

Video/Dance & Theatre

Passion, precision and swagger: join an Oscar®-winning flamenco masterclass

29 minutes

Video/Dance & Theatre

Stephen Fry loathes dancing. To understand better, see it performed – in dance

2 minutes

Video/Film & Television

Why Buster Keaton’s visual comedy is still the best in a century-plus of cinema

9 minutes

Essay/Digital Culture

Possessed by a mask

Every human culture has used masks for ritual disinhibition, shaming and play. Is being online the ultimate masquerade?

Sandra Newman

Essay/Dance & Theatre

The comic’s quandary

Does heckling let the real comedian stand up and shine, or does it trample a punchline and mangle a routine?

Lary Wallace

Essay/Dance & Theatre

Method and madness

Theatre provides stimulus for psychotic, schizophrenic and depressed patients, but can it improve their mental health?

Beth McLoughlin

Video/Cultures & Languages

A flamenco guitarist shares the rich intensity of his city and his music

13 minutes

Essay/Dance & Theatre

The music in you

You might not be a virtuoso, but you have remarkable music abilities. You just don’t know about them yet

Elizabeth Hellmuth Margulis


Far from the studio, craftsmen hammer ballet shoes with their own rough grace

9 minutes

Video/Cultures & Languages

Not just a party: Rio’s Carnaval is a choreographed celebration of life

6 minutes


For an 80-year-old American jazz fan in England, to live is to tap dance

3 minutes

Video/Consciousness & Altered States

For the star of the Bolshoi Ballet, there is no distinction between life and art

9 minutes

Essay/Dance & Theatre

On tour

Life on the road with a rock band: memories blur, cities blend. Only in the frenzy of performance does the world pause

Claire L Evans


Shadow plays

Eduard Bersudsky chose to be mute in Soviet days. Ever since, his moving musical sculptures have done the talking

Kapka Kassabova

Essay/Dance & Theatre

Tango mi amor

While we are in the arms of another and the music sings of time, and chance passing, we are in the eye of the storm

Kapka Kassabova

Essay/Dance & Theatre

For a song

At the O+ festival, musicians and artists barter their talents for medical care. A new social contract in action?

Jessica Wapner

Essay/Consciousness & Altered States

Forests of the mind

What is the greatest human gift? It is metaphor, carrying a cargo of meaning across the oceans that divide us

Jay Griffiths