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Desolate? A panoramic view of the coast at Ashkelon, Palestine. Coloured lithograph by L Haghe, c1843, after David Roberts. Photo courtesy Wellcome Images

Global history
Struggling to see Palestine

For Westerners, the Bible and its prophecies have obscured as much as they’ve revealed about the Holy Land

Michael Press

Soldiers enjoying the snow in Gulmarg, a ski resort  in the beautiful but disputed border province of Kashmir, India. Photo by: IndiaPictures/UIG via Getty

Boldly go!

In thinking about faraway travel, the ability to assess risk falters. It’s probably safer than your morning commute

Henry Wismayer

Arrivals and departures at Kazan station. Gueorgui Pinkhassov/Magnum

Right on track

If there is a greater thrill of travelling than the discovery of unfamiliar places, for me it’s getting there by train

Margarita Gokun Silver

Photo by Raghu Rai/Magnum Photos

The parlance of pilots

High above London, Tokyo and Cairo, the language of the cockpit is technical, obscure, geeky – and irresistibly romantic

Mark Vanhoenacker

From Jules Verne's From the Earth to the Moon, published in 1865. (De la Terre a la Lune). Photo by Stefano Bianchetti/Corbis
How we lost the Moon

The Moon has always enchanted dreamers, but Apollo is a fading memory and routine lunar travel seems as remote as ever

Brian Clegg

All photos by Jorge Santiago
The migrant’s tale

Sure it’s progressive to sympathise with young undocumented migrants, but it also locks them into a victimhood narrative

Sarah Menkedick

Detail from Albrecht Dürer's Young Hare (1502) watercolour, gouache; in the Albertina Collection, Vienna. Photo by Corbis
A fake of art

Museums display perfect reproductions of fragile works and visitors can’t tell the difference. Is nothing in art sacred?

Noah Charney

Under a wanderin' star. So-called snowbirds in Arizona pull up their RV's for the night. Photo by Mark Boster/LA Times/Getty
The call of the road

From bison-hunting tribes on the Great Plains to RV retirees in Arizona, wanderlust runs through all America’s nomads

Richard Grant