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Essay/Stories & Literature

The truth about tarot

Whether divining ancient wisdoms or elevating the art of cold reading, tarot is a form of therapy, much like psychoanalysis

James McConnachie


Deep faith and rough rides – life at an evangelical rodeo Bible camp

23 minutes

Essay/Sports & Games

Rules of ascent

For mountaineers, it’s not enough to get to the top – it must be done a certain way. But why is the harder way better?

Paul Sagar

Essay/Beauty & Aesthetics

Against flow

In the myth of flow, the performer soars when the music starts. But it's grit and self-analysis until the very last bar

Barbara Gail Montero

Video/Architecture & Landscape

A ski mountain as a stunning ethereal reflection on how we move through nature

14 minutes


Who is a sportswoman?

Elite female athletes are subjected to invasive gender tests, and hormone treatments if they fail. This is deeply unfair

Silvia Camporesi

Video/Sports & Games

Even before kick-off, Milan’s San Siro stadium is an awe-inducing spectacle

6 minutes

Video/Sports & Games

Why falconers believe a bird of prey in action is still a wonder worth beholding

4 minutes


If culture is too expensive for most, everyone pays a price

Jonathan R Goodman

Video/Gender & Sexuality

The origins of the high five, and its inventor – an unsung gay pioneer

10 minutes


How the yo-yo put a troubled young man on the path of playful salvation

10 minutes


Athletes endure a bizarre, nearly impossible 100-mile race for its sheer thrill

23 minutes

Video/Sports & Games

Life as a young referee: you get berated on the pitch; at home, mother does it too

17 minutes

Video/Sports & Games

Thrill to the motorbike hellriders who make their living on the wall of death

9 minutes

Video/Social Psychology

Glory in defeat: how Japan fell in love with a racehorse who couldn’t win

19 minutes

Idea/Sports & Games

A menace to society: the war on pinball in America

Hadley Meares

Video/Sports & Games

‘Pool to table’: on the leisurely challenge of indoor shrimp fishing in Taiwan

3 minutes

Idea/Mind & Body

How people with sports addiction are like drug addicts

Karin Jongsma

Idea/Sports & Games

The solution to doping is to extend the blame beyond athletes

Silvia Camporesi & James Knuckles

Idea/Social Psychology

Exercising together boosts performance and forges friendships

Jacob Taylor, Emma Cohen & Arran Davis

Video/Mood & Emotion

The true meaning of the match is clearest on the face of the diehard fan

5 minutes

Video/Sports & Games

‘Since we don’t have wings we fly kites’ – aerial combat above Rio’s favelas

5 minutes


Dogs love to play, but they don’t do so for pleasure

Raymond Coppinger & Mark Feinstein


How can a first-person shooter have a victim complex?

James Palmer

Video/Sports & Games

Basketball in the Yukon – how sport is helping revitalise culture and community

17 minutes


Let’s make football a college major

David V Johnson

Idea/Sports & Games

Sport is not just about athleticism: beauty matters too

Emily Ryall

Video/Cultures & Languages

Heated rivalries and (pigeon) sex: the passionate world of Scottish doo fleein’

17 minutes

Essay/Cognition & Intelligence

Playing games for real

My father was hopelessly, joyously addicted to gambling and I his moral critic. How did I end up playing pro blackjack?

Marina Benjamin

Idea/Philosophy of Science

Chess is not a sport but a game. So what’s the difference?

David Papineau