The Maintainers

A group of scholars interested in maintenance, repair, upkeep and the mundane labour that keeps the world going.

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Essay/Space Exploration

Whitey on Mars

Elon Musk and the rise of Silicon Valley's strange trickle-down science

Andrew Russell & Lee Vinsel

Idea/War & Conflict

The Syrian seed bank that keeps going despite the war

Courtney Fullilove

Essay/History of Technology

It’s not all lightbulbs

If we abandon the cult of the Great White Innovator, we will understand the history of technology in a much deeper way

W Patrick McCray

Idea/History of Technology

New tech only benefits the elite until the people demand more

Christopher Jones

Essay/Future of Technology

Hail the maintainers

Capitalism excels at innovation but is failing at maintenance, and for most lives it is maintenance that matters more

Andrew Russell & Lee Vinsel