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Essay/Family Life

How to be a patriarch

His duties are many, his challenges weighty, but his glory can be great. A guide to family management, by a Roman nobleman

Marcus Sidonius Falx & Jerry Toner

Essay/The Home

Nobody is home

From the footloose networker to the exiled migrant, home has been displaced by an idea that’s both elusive and contested

Charles Leadbeater

Video/History of Technology

Mongolian nomads building a traditional yurt is a master class in cooperation

2 minutes


For the love of stuff

I am my things and my things are me. I don’t want to give them up: they are narrative prompts for the story of my life

Lee Randall

Idea/The Home

The reason we like the tidy feelings of home is evolutionary

John Allen

Idea/The Future

The buildings of the future will keep rearranging themselves

Darran Anderson

Video/Demography & Migration

La Estrella, Spain – population: two. Will the last couple in the village leave?

5 minutes


Mumbai’s amazing lunch couriers bring office workers home-cooked meals every day

4 minutes

Video/Poverty & Development

How a massive painting project is transforming a Haitian slum through colour

6 minutes

Video/The Home

What connects flying discs and good coffee? A lively mind fascinated by physics

6 minutes

Video/The Home

Why one of our simplest designs – the light bulb – is also one of our best

2 minutes


An empire built on playing house: how imagination can change your situation

15 minutes


Hotel Melancholia

Travel is supposed to make us feel more alive, so why is the hotel room a place of such loneliness and despair?

Suzanne Joinson



Bed bugs crawl under our covers, suck our blood and disappear, leaving us on a razor’s edge between reality and delusion

Brooke Borel

Video/The Home

The stunningly beautiful home ‘in which the mental space is what matters’

5 minutes


The bizarre story of a year-long sentence under the eye of an intrusive landlady

11 minutes

Video/The Home

Once a geodesic dome advocate, Lloyd Kahn now favours hand-built, simple homes

7 minutes


Farming the apocalypse

When my life came crashing down I took shelter on my farm, surviving with 11th-century tools like the sickle and scythe

Keith Ferrell

Essay/Demography & Migration

A libertarian utopia

Libertarians are united by opposition to government, but when it comes to planning a new society they are deeply divided

Livia Gershon

Essay/Demography & Migration

Searching for home

My connection to place is fluid and complex. In a nomadic world, do we still need a home?

Ruth Behar

Essay/Architecture & Landscape

The camping cure

Living outside changes you. When environmental illness left me too sick to stay in my high-rise, I turned to nature to heal

Jill Neimark

Essay/Nature & Environment

The ghost commune

Unplugging from the electrical grid was relatively easy. What we didn’t realise was that we needed the human grid, too

Michelle Nijhuis

Essay/Family Life

Human stains

The laundry will never be done. Rather than pedalling faster and faster the answer is to surrender to the eternal tide

Heather Havrilesky

Essay/Food & Drink

The manly loaf

There's nothing so atavistic and satisfying in the morning as sinking your hands into a sticky, bubbling live sourdough

Sam Leith

Essay/Architecture & Landscape

Room for sex

Most architecture sets out to make us civil and efficient. Where are the homes that give us passion and pleasure?

Richard J Williams

Essay/Architecture & Landscape

The wisdom of gardens

Gardens expand our thinking. At times of crisis they console, school us in emotional generosity, and show us that life goes on

Damon Young

Essay/Childhood & Adolescence

The face she makes

Sadness, anger, disappointment: for once, I saw the perfect storm behind her mask of adolescent indifference

Rachel Ida Buff