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Video/Human Enhancement

It takes a careful blend of science, craft and compassion to make a prosthetic eye

6 minutes

Video/Energy, Resources, & Sustainability

Meet the man bent on powering the world with vortexes

6 minutes

Video/Automation & Robotics

Dance dance automation: music from the factory floor

8 minutes

Video/Space Exploration

The high life: take a majestic, guided tour of the International Space Station

18 minutes

Video/Architecture & Landscape

Light, geometry and symbolism: how Jean Nouvel’s architecture reimagines culture

15 minutes


Making tiny things go extremely fast is a monument to human enquiry and creativity

5 minutes

Video/Space Exploration

What it’s like to land on a comet 300 million miles away

4 minutes


Is it possible to see sound? Yes, but it takes some crafty photographic wizardry

3 minutes

Idea/Energy, Resources, & Sustainability

If NASCAR embraced electric cars it could change the world

Bill Nye

Video/Architecture & Landscape

Could the simple, replicable elegance of the igloo be a model for future homes?

10 minutes

Video/Nature & Environment

A dizzying ‘advertisement for Earth’ shows the beauty and scars of our planet

3 minutes

Video/Medical Research

Could these printable, self-assembling origami robots transform medicine?

3 minutes


A fault in our design

We tend to think that technological progress is making us more resilient, but it might be making us more vulnerable

Colin Dickey


Quarrying massive blocks of marble takes huge machines – and precise gestures

3 minutes


Meet eccentric DIY tech innovator and world record holder Collin Furze

3 minutes


Could this development in biomimetic robotics change terrestrial transport?

3 minutes

Essay/Architecture & Landscape

The concrete tangle

The urge to tidy up cities is deadening – let’s celebrate the tangled chaos and honky-tonk energy that keep them alive

Will Wiles


Engineering the ocean

Once you know what plankton can do, you’ll understand why fertilising the ocean with iron is not such a crazy idea

David Biello


Meet Theo Jansen’s fantastical inventions: creatures that feed only on the wind

3 minutes

Video/Sports & Games

Up, up and away! Fly above the clouds in a glider over the Shropshire Hills

4 minutes

Essay/Computing & Artificial Intelligence

The robots are coming

The invasion has already begun: the only question is when, not if, humanoid robots will work, play and war beside us

Michael Belfiore


Machine envy

Giant instruments are giving us a sea of data. Can science find its way without any big ideas at the helm?

Philip Ball

Essay/Computing & Artificial Intelligence

It’s complicated

Human ingenuity has created a world that the mind cannot master. Have we finally reached our limits?

Samuel Arbesman


A quick boat trip from the Pacific to the Atlantic, by way of Central America

5 minutes


In New York, climbing down a manhole takes you into an entirely different world

5 minutes

Essay/Automation & Robotics

Robot evolution

Hod Lipson’s artificial organisms have already escaped from the virtual realm. Now he wants to send them out of control

Emily Monosson


The future of the city

Most of us now live in cities, so it is within the metropolis that our future salvation or death warrant will be drafted

Leo Hollis

Essay/Ecology & Environmental Sciences

Blue sky thinking

Geoengineers are would-be deities who dream of mastering the heavens. But are humans the ones who are out of control?

Adam Corner