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A Distinguished Member of the Humane Society (1831) by Edward Landseer. ‘Bob’ a Newfoundland dog, saved 23 persons from drowning on the London docks and was made a distinguished member of the Royal Humane Society. Courtesy Wikipedia

Bone as an endochrine organ. Coloured scanning electron micrograph (SEM) of cancellous bone tissue. Photo by Steve Gschmeissner/Science Photo Library

Hormones united

The hormone system works like a democracy: every tissue in the body is an endocrine organ asserting its needs and demands

Liam Drew

At Wounded Knee, South Dakota, 1984. Photo by Pierre Perrin/Gamma-Rapho/Getty
Haunted by history

War, famine and persecution inflict profound changes on bodies and brains. Could these changes persist over generations?

Pam Weintraub

Cave art from Sulawesi in Indonesia is now thought to be the oldest in the world. Photo courtesy Maxime Aubert/Indonesian Heritage Department

Human evolution
In to Asia

New evidence about the ancient humans who occupied Asia is cascading in: the story of our species needs rewriting again

Christopher Bae

From ‘Amours Difficiles’ (Hard love stories); four stories of mothers and daughters. Eugenia and Violeta. Photo by Adriana Lestido / Agence VU
Human reproduction
We are multitudes

Women are chimeras, with genetic material from both their parents and children. Where does that leave individual identity?

Katherine Rowland

Fancy bird; a Voorburg-Cropper Pigeon. Photo by Richard Bailey
Wild thing

How and why did humans domesticate animals – and what might this tell us about the future of our own species?

Jacob Mikanowski

Giraffes in Kenya. Photo by Mitsuaki Iwago/Minden Pictures/National Geographic
Unified theory of evolution

Darwin’s theory that natural selection drives evolution is incomplete without input from evolution’s anti-hero: Lamarck

Michael Skinner