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What high-speed astronomy can tell us about the galactic zoo

Christopher Kochanek

Essay/Meaning & the Good Life

Do we matter in the cosmos?

Humanity is nothing more than a microscopic blip in the universe. But does that mean we are insignificant?

Nick Hughes


The Sun – our steady, reliable companion – tells a very different story up close

4 minutes


The idea of creating a new universe in the lab is no joke

Zeeya Merali


Dwarf planetary systems will transform the hunt for alien life

Amaury Triaud & Michaël Gillon


A journey from the Himalayas to the edge of our cosmic horizon in space and time

7 minutes


Echoes of a black hole

Ripples in space-time could herald the demise of general relativity and its replacement by a quantum theory of gravity

Sabine Hossenfelder


Our Universe is too vast for even the most imaginative sci-fi

Michael Strauss

Essay/Deep Time

Welcome to Terra Sapiens

Humans have been altering Earth for millennia, but only now are we wise to what we’re doing. How will we use that wisdom?

David Grinspoon


Has dogma derailed the scientific search for dark matter?

Pavel Kroupa


When we look for aliens, why do we always find ourselves staring back?

5 minutes

Idea/History of Science

Opposition to Galileo was scientific, not just religious

Christopher Graney


Gravitational waves will bring the extreme universe into view

Daniel Hoak


The classic 1977 film that put the vastness of the universe into perspective

9 minutes

Video/Space Exploration

Embark on an interstellar, operatic adventure with the Voyager spacecrafts

15 minutes


Experience the eerie serenity of 100,000 asteroids in orbit

3 minutes

Idea/Space Exploration

We can begin an interstellar mission today – and we should

Philip Lubin

Video/Deep Time

It might be our placid nocturnal companion, but the Moon has a turbulent past

3 minutes

Essay/History of Science

Gravitational wave blues

For a thrilling moment, it looked as though Joe Weber had bagged the biggest discovery in physics

Janna Levin

Video/Quantum Theory

‘If you feel you’re in a black hole, don’t give up’ – Stephen Hawking explains

2 minutes


How far beyond Earth will we go to safeguard our species?

Paul Gilster

Essay/Quantum Theory

Black-hole computing

Might nature’s bottomless pits actually be ultra-efficient quantum computers? That could explain why data never dies

Sabine Hossenfelder


Life rocks

Could meteorites be akin to lifeboats from other planets? Or do they reveal more about life on Earth than off it?

Philip Ball


How we lost the Moon

The Moon has always enchanted dreamers, but Apollo is a fading memory and routine lunar travel seems as remote as ever

Brian Clegg


Hot black holes and the arrow of time

Carlo Rovelli

Idea/Stories & Literature

Why our imagination for alien life is so impoverished

Philip Ball


Life on Mars

In a white dome on a bare mountain, six of us are road-testing life in a Martian colony. This is what I’ve learned so far

Sheyna Gifford


Landing on alien worlds is our highest form of exploration

Chris McKay


Finding alien life raises huge ethical questions. Finding we’re alone does, too

6 minutes


Let the Sun’s invisible solar winds wash over you in ultra high-definition video

30 minutes